Rush E Sheet Music

Rush E sheet music is here!

The link also contains the MIDI for the playable and impossible versions. 😉

Recently, Rush E became popular again thanks to a video by Penguinz0 (Moist Cr1TiKal) about a war in the comments of a YouTube video between Just A Guy Who Likes Hentai and Fanchen. Fanchen commented that the video in question was “mediocre”, and Just A Guy Who Likes Hentai challenged him to play it better. Amazingly, Fanchen was true to his word and uploaded his performance, which destroyed any doubt that he was all talk.

We’d like to provide our official Rush E sheet music as we’ve noticed that lesser-quality recreations of our sheet music have been created and distributed freely. We are a very small team at Sheet Music Boss and we would prefer people to buy our official product. So please follow this link to purchase our official Rush E sheet music!

The link also provides you with the Rush E MIDI file (both the playable and impossible versions)!

Rush E is composed by Andrew Wrangell.

Rush E Sheet Music
Rush E sheet music by Sheet Music Boss

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  1. this is my dream song to play, i really want to learn it because it’s supposed to be “really hard” and a good challenge, i love fast paced songs and so this is perfect for me, i am 11 years old and been playing since i was 4, i love a good challenge and can’t wait to learn this, it’s gonna take a while but this version will make it so much easier

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