Before you send a message, please see if your question is answered here first:

Can you please do my request?
We do not accept song requests directly, sorry!

When will you release the sheet music for [x video]?
Every piece of sheet music we publish must be licenced so the sales are legal. Once sheet music is available, we will publish it in the relevant YouTube description.

Can I please get MIDI for [x video]?
We unfortunately can’t distribute most MIDI we’ve created for our arrangements as they require difficult licencing. The only MIDI files we have are available are either originals or the composition is public domain:
Please remember, even if the composition is public domain, these MIDI files are still © Sheet Music Boss.

Can I use your music in my video/project?
For non-commercial projects, that’s fine as long as you link to the original video URL in your video description or credits! For commercial projects, we’ll need to sort out licencing.

Can I commission a custom arrangement?
If you would like a piano transcription, our current commission rates are around $120 USD per minute of music (adjusted to the second). However we would need to discuss any commissions first as the rate could vary depending on musical complexity.

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