Marcha Real (National Anthem of Spain) – Piano Tutorial

Happy national day, Spain!🎈🎁🥳
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Learn how to play Marcha Real (National Anthem of Spain) by Manuel de Espinosa de los Monteros on piano with this Synthesia piano tutorial! Please enjoy!

Marcha Real (Royal March) is the national anthem of Spain. The music for Marcha Real was written by Manuel de Espinosa de los Monteros in 1761 and later orchestrated by Bartolomé Pérez Casas in 1908. It was officially adopted in 1770 and has appeared in several versions, including it’s original title “La Marcha Granadera” (“March of the Grenadiers”). Although some believe it to have been composed by Frederick II of Prussia, this is a misconception that stemmed from the anthem being published in La España militar (Military Spain) in 1861. Marcha Real is an excellent national anthem that sounds fantastic on piano! This piano arrangement is perfect for pianists of an intermediate technical level or above (grade 4+ ABRSM, Trinity, AMEB).

This piano arrangement of Marcha Real (National Anthem of Spain) is fantastic to play! You can learn it with our Synthesia piano tutorial, or from our official Sheet Music Boss sheet music at the top of the description!

Arranged by Andrew Wrangell
Edited by Samuel Dickenson

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Viva España,
gloria de tradiciones,
con la sola ley
que puede prosperar.

Viva España,
que es madre de Naciones,
con Dios, Patria, Rey
con que supo imperar.

Guerra al perjuro
traidor y masón,
que con su aliento impuro
hunde la nación.

Es su bandera
la historia de su gloria;
por ella dará
su vida el español

Fe verdadera
que en rojo de amor
aprisiona briosa
un rayo de sol.

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