50,000 SUBSCRIBERS 50,000 NOTES (Playable Version) – Piano Tutorial

Enjoy our 50,000 subscriber special with this playable version!
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We reached our first 50,000 subscribers in November of 2017. To celebrate, we released our 50,000 subscriber special: a rip-roaring adventure that sounds like it could be the theme to FOX Sports! This playable version of our 50,000 subscriber special, called “50,000 Subscribers 50,000 Notes” may not have 50,000 notes (because it’s a playable version), but it will inspire you! To any smaller channels out there, you can keep growing!

The original version of 50,000 Subscribers 50,000 Notes was written to have 50,000 notes exactly, so this playable version will have fewer notes.

Composed and edited by Samuel Dickenson
Arranged by Andrew Wrangell
Render by LyricWulf

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