bill wurtz – hello sexy pants – piano tutorial

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Learn hello sexy pants by bill wurtz on piano with this tutorial! Please enjoy!

Arranged by Andrew Wrangell
Edited by Samuel Dickenson

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Bill Wurtz published “Hello Sexy Pants” in June 2018. It features smooth jazz harmonies and melodic licks galore. In true Wurtz style, the visuals in the Hello Sexy Pants music video are executed in fantastically detailed style, matching the lyrics. This piano arrangement is at an advanced level and could be attempted by any budding pianist who loves Bill Wurtz’ songs!

Hello, hello, sexy pants
Hello, hello, hello, sexy pants
Where’d you get those pants?
Where’d you get those pants?
Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello
I wanna know why it hurts so bad

Hello sexy pants
Did ya know that I like your pants?
I’d like to take a walk with you
Through the hills of France
And it’s easy as 1, 2
It’s a 1, 2 dance
You can make a wish come true
In your 1, 2 pants

But down in Congress
All the boys get mad

Hello let’s be friends
Take a friendly chance
And go all around the world
In a friendly stance

Then go to Pyongyang
And shake some hands

Every day it’s such a lovely day
To wake up in the morning
And everywhere
Somebody lonely is still feeling blue
At the clothing store
Nobody tells you
That the whole world is changing
At the grocery store
Someone will tell you
That what changed is you

Hello sexy lamp
“Oh, that’s a sexy lamp.”
You can light the whole darn sky
At 2 AM

Way down in Congress
The lights go black

Simon says
“I can’t remember anything I’ve been doing, or anything I remember”
I don’t care
As long as we find out
What we’re supposed to do

Hello, Simon Says
“Let me sign your checks”

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