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Learn Tomorrow is Mine by Hiroshi Yamaguchi on piano with this tutorial! Please enjoy!

Arranged by Andrew Wrangell
Edited by Samuel Dickenson

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Bayonetta 2 (2014) is an action game released exclusively for the Wii U. It was later released for the Nintendo Switch. The main theme, Tomorrow Is Mine, was composed by Hiroshi Yamaguchi, featuring vocals by Keeley Bumford (lyrics by Betsie Larkin). It is a fast-paced and soaring theme including interesting crunchy harmony and expressive altered notes in the vocals. This piano arrangement is a great transcription of the original Tomorrow Is Mine and would be great fun to play!

You awoke me (Fight fire)
Unleashed the fire in my heart (With fire)
I will dance and I’ll defeat them (My flame’s)
Through the light and the dark (More bright)
Your mistake was to (The moon)
Underestimate my power (Is my fuel)
Won’t let go of the fight (Get lost)
Til tomorrow’s mine (In my tide)
I will ignite
Dancin’ through the fire around me
I’ll never stop
You’d better hide
Now I’m in the mood for a fight
(Better watch out here I come)

You won’t know what hit you
When I spin around
Leave you in my dust
Then bang bang
Down down again
It’s my desire
Going for the win
Tomorrow Is Mine

You better run (Better run)
Don’t wait here I come no (Grab your gun… Fire)
The fuel in my fire won’t run dry (Endless supply)
It burns bright
And you better hide (Take a hike)
I came for a fight, yeah (Truth you’ll find is)
Until Tomorrow Is Mine (Victory’s mine)

Don’t miss me too much

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