POLYUSHKA POLYE – Piano Tutorial

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Learn Polyushka Polye by Lev Knipper on piano with this tutorial! Please enjoy!

Arranged by Andrew Wrangell
Edited by Samuel Dickenson

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Polyushka Polye is a song composed by Lev Knipper with lyrics by Viktor Gusev. The song is part of a symphony with chorus, called “A Poem about a Komsomol Soldier”. It has been covered several times, with popular renditions by The Red Army Choir among others. This rhapsodic piano tutorial will take you through the original composition and has plenty of fun and powerful parts: you will definitely enjoy learning this incredible piano arrangement!

Полюшко-поле, полюшко, широко поле,
Eдут по полю герои,
Эх, да красной армии герои.

Девушки плачут,
Девушкам сегодня грустно,
Милый надолго уехал,
Эх, да милый в армию уехал.

Девушки, гляньте,
Гляньте на дорогу нашу,
Вьётся дальняя дорога,
Эх, да развесёлая дорога.

Только мы видим,
Видим мы седую тучу,
Вражья злоба из-за леса,
Эх, да вражья злоба, словно туча.

Эх, девушки, гляньте,
Мы врага принять готовы,
Наши кони быстроноги,
Эх, да наши танки быстроходны.

Эх, пусть же в колхозе
Дружная кипит работа,
Мы дозорные сегодня,
Эх, да мы сегодня часовые.

English lyrics:
Meadowlands, wide meadowlands,
Heroes cross the fields,
Ekh, heroes of the Red Army.
Girls are crying,
Today the girls are downhearted,
Their dear ones have gone away,
Ekh, away to the army.

Girls, look there,
Look there, out on our road,
The distant road is pulsing,
Ekh, the jolly road.

But out there we see,
We see a grey storm-cloud,
The enemy’s evil in the forest,
Ekh, the enemy’s evil, like a storm-cloud.

Ekh, girls, look there,
We’re ready to take the enemy,
Our quick-legged steeds,
Ekh, our quick-moving tanks.

Ekh, let the work
Bubble gaily in the kolkhozy,
We’re supervisors today,
Ekh, today we’re sentries.


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