THANK YOU from all of us at Sheet Music Boss! 🥳

It has been an incredible journey for us so far. From our humble beginnings creating easy piano tutorials we have persisted and worked as hard as we can to bring you the best piano videos on the internet! There have been some tough times that we faced as a channel, but with the assistance of our incredible fans, we have met these challenges and exceeded everything we ever hoped for!

This mammoth composition is not just a celebration of reaching another huge milestone, but it is a “thank you” to our subscribers—all 2,000,000 of you—who have stuck by us and watched our piano videos, whether it was something simple, something difficult, or something entirely different! Without the support of our subscribers there would be no way that we could possibly have reached this milestone, so please accept this sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU from us at Sheet Music Boss. Each note in this composition represents one of you.

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2 Million Subscribers 2 Million Notes

Composed by:
Andrew Wrangell (1st and 5th sections)
Samuel Dickenson (2nd and 6th sections)
Luke Faulkner (3rd section) • https://youtube.com/LukeFaulkner
Rafał Bienias (4th section) • https://youtube.com/RafalBienias

Black MIDI by:
Sir Spork • https://youtube.com/SirSpork

Rendered with Embers 🔥 https://embers.app

Produced by Andrew Wrangell & Samuel Dickenson https://sheetmusicboss.com

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We would like to offer a final thank-you to our Discord admin/moderator team, and a special thank-you to lead admin Echo, who has helped us to foster a wonderful community of Sheet Music Boss fans from across the globe!

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