Requiem Aranea (from Hunter x Hunter) – Piano Tutorial

A beautiful requiem that comes alive on piano!🎵🎹
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Learn how to play Requiem Aranea (from Hunter x Hunter) by Yoshihisa Hirano on piano with this Synthesia piano tutorial! Please enjoy!

Hunter X Hunter is a Japanese Manga that has been adapted into an anime. In it, Gon Freecss works hard to become a hunter while searching for the father he doesn’t remember. Along the way, Gon encounters an extensive list of characters, including the Phantom Troupe. The Phantom Troupe, also known as the Spiders, is a group of 13 thieves that each wear a tattoo bearing a 12 legged spider. Requiem Aranea, written by Yoshihisa Hirano, is the theme for the Phantom Troupe, and will impress any Hunter X Hunter fan! This piano tutorial is a must for anyone looking for awesome anime piano arrangements!

This piano arrangement of Requiem Aranea (from Hunter x Hunter) is fantastic to play! You can learn it with our Synthesia piano tutorial, or from our official Sheet Music Boss sheet music at the top of the description!

Arranged by Andrew Wrangell
Edited by Samuel Dickenson
Thumbnail and description by Joshua Anderson
Produced by Andrew Wrangell & Samuel Dickenson

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