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When we started the Sheet Music Boss channel in February 2017, we did not expect to even reach 1,500 subscribers in a year, let alone 1,000,000 subscribers in a little over 2 years! At every milestone, Andrew and I (Samuel) have celebrated how far we have come, making these fun impossible piano videos for you to all enjoy. Each time we’ve written the music for these milestone videos we have evoked different moods, from fun, to jazzy, intense, moody, crazy, silly, or serene; but this 1,000,000 is our most ambitious project yet. You will hear music inspired by various classical composers, from different video games, from jazz, and anything we could think of!

Although we unpacked our YouTube Gold Play Button about a month ago (in June), we started writing 1,000,000 Subscribers 1,000,000 Notes four months ago in March. This was around the time we reached 850,000 subscribers, and the project took on a life of its own. We put huge amounts of effort into making this a reality (especially LyricWulf, to whom we owe a huge debt of gratification for his expertise in visual effects and editing Synthesia videos), and are extremely excited to finally be bringing you our 1,000,000 subscriber milestone video!

Throughout this video, you will see each of the collaborators’ names, animated with their role and avatar at the point in the video that they began their section of work. We hope you enjoy the variety and skill that each of these wonderful artists have brought to the video!

Composed by:
• Andrew Wrangell (Sheet Music Boss)
• Samuel Dickenson (Sheet Music Boss)
• Rafał Bienias https://www.youtube.com/rafalbienias

Black MIDI by:
• MusiMasta https://www.youtube.com/musimasta
• EpreTroll https://www.youtube.com/epretroll
• SirSpork https://www.youtube.com/oscarcastleroper

Visual Effects:
• LyricWulf https://www.youtube.com/lyricwulf

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