Robocopyright (Dan Bull ft. Grandayy) – Piano Cover and Tutorial

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Article 13 is not going away without a fight. This could seriously threaten the livelihood and creativity of countless creators in the European Union and further impact the lives of countless more creators outside of it. On March 22 2019, Dan Bull uploaded a rap called Robocopyright, talking about this massive issue, and collaborated with Grandayy on a complete song version. This piano cover of Grandayy’s remix of Robocopyright can also function as a fantastic tutorial that shows you how to play this awesome song on piano.

Please enjoy the piano cover, but also don’t forget about the important stuff. Follow up with your MEPs if you are able.

Original version by Dan Bull:
Remix by Grandayy:
Piano arrangement by Andrew Wrangell
Edited by Samuel Dickenson

Thanks Grandayy for permission to cover your remix.

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(Verse 1)
It’s difficult to picture some enemies
Unless we give them an identity
The newest entity we’ve got to fight
Is Article 13, I call it Robocopyright

I’ve been doing music on the net
For two flipping decades
Even before YouTube
On a Geocities webpage
And every time I see the regulations get changed
It’s harder for creatives to make it
So yes I’m enraged
Look at my track record
I put a lot of time
Into coming up with tracks, records
And dropping rhymes
On the fight to democratise copyright
To shine a spotlight
On Anonymous and Occupy
I took a bit of time off
To rap about games
But now I’m back
And I’m not backing out again
Passing out castigations
And patting down your claim
No matter how you obfuscate
You rationale’s insane
Maybe you’ll get the picture
When I smack you out the frame
Because I don’t want to see the internet
Blacking out for shame
But that’s what’s happening now
Yet again
A threatening mechanism
Checking on everything you say

All hail Robocopyright
Our great leader (Freedom)
I’d rather my router
Wasn’t changed to rate meter
All hail Robocopyright
Our great leader (Freedom)
All hail Robocopyright
Our great leader

MEP’s have voted
And I don’t like their decision
I’d diagnose it as a nightmare condition
Of a quite rare position
Where we can’t upload
Any kind of copyrighted clip
Without their permission
Now it’s seems pretty good
If you just look at the surface
But peep under the hood
The engine isn’t fit for purpose
And if we still don’t trust AI and Teslas yet
Then pray why
Would we let it suppress the net?
And lest we forget
The digital economy act
And every tactic
The copyright lobbyists
Lob at us hobbyists
The obfuscating confidence tricks
Are pretty obvious

They make it sound like
It’s benefiting small creators
To make them all successful
Ever more for all the ages
But look at labels
And the way they’ve always treated artists
If you can’t see they won’t change
You need new glasses
It isn’t about creative control (nah)
It’s about controlling creatives for cold cash
They want money for all robe
It’s old hat
It’s an old trope
Anybody could have told that

We’ve surrounded by constant IP
Imagine real life with Content ID
A conglomerate deciding what your eyes see
When there’s nothing else left they’ll copyright me

Why bother with a doctor?
You’ve got a faith healer
Acting like a god
But you’re a lay preacher
Hey Jesus save me ’cause I don’t need a gatekeeper (Freedom)
‘Til I’m at the heavenly gates and meeting Saint Peter


Do you trust the judgement of an algorithm?
To look at everything you touch and make a sound decision?
To value satire or parody and tell the difference?
Or controlled by copyright trolls we know they’re well malicious
It’s already tough enough to make a parody
Some of us have given up because of copyright brutality
Cash grabbing companies take money for morality
Knowing full well they’re falsifying the legality
As if It wasn’t bad enough already with net neutrality
They’ve done it again it’s the definition of insanity
How can we trust a robot to know what it’s permissible?
That only sees the content but context’s invisible
It’s risible, derisible, befitting of our ridicule
At least It would if the reality wasn’t so miserable
Every single picture you submit will be conditional
Article 11’s even restricting what is clickable
It’s vulnerable to abuse commercial and political
Like unelected politicians slipping us rohypnol
So if you all care about it make people aware about it
Get on the phone get on the web get on the air and shout it!


(Verse 1) (x2)

Lyrics by Dan Bull

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  1. Do the Skeleton Rap by Dan Bull. He’s an Awesome Rapper and I am dying to see your take on this amazing song!

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