When you get sponsored but make a piano piece instead

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The Soundbrenner Pulse is an incredibly useful vibrating metronome, that Andrew has personally used to practice at the keyboard and organ! You can keep time effectively and discreetly by feeling the beats rather than hearing them: no more nightmares of loud clicks! If you play piano—or any other instrument—and want an effective (and stylish) metronome, visit the link above and use our code “BOSSPULSE” at checkout for FREE shipping anywhere in the world!

We hope you really enjoy this piece! We wrote it because we wanted to do something a little different than just made an ad. You can see how the Soundbrenner Pulse would work alongside the piece too!

Composed by Andrew Wrangell
Edited by Samuel Dickenson

A huge thank you to Soundbrenner, for sponsoring this video! Andrew has personally used a Soundbrenner Pulse and would recommend it for personal practice. It is a really convenient and useful tool to enhance your potential!

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