Rachmaninoff’s MOST TERRIFYING piece! (he HATED it)

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Learn the Prelude in C-sharp Minor by Sergei Rachmaninoff on piano with this tutorial! Please enjoy!

Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in C-sharp Minor is one of his most well-known and loved compositions. Although it was written in Rachmaninoff’s teenage years, the prelude would remain in his repertoire for a while due to audience requests, however, this mean that Rachmaninoff came to hate performing the prelude. Also called “The Bells of Moscow”, the prelude foreshadows the sheer chordal power and textures—often sounding like bells—that would come to characterise Rachmaninoff’s later works. The prelude is part of a set of compositions in Rachmaninoff’s Op. 3 that also features an Elegie in E-flat Minor, Melody in E Major, Polichinelle in F-sharp Minor and Serenade in B-flat Minor.

This piano tutorial will show you how to play this difficult and rewarding piece. It contains expressive sad moments and virtuosic sections that will be impressive in a concert.

Arranged by Andrew Wrangell
Edited by Samuel Dickenson

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