Three SECRET chords that made $MILLIONS

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We all know that a lot of pop songs sound similar. What you may not know is that heaps of songs (and soundtracks from movies!) use the same three chords! These three chords have been watched BILLIONS of times on YouTube over various videos: maybe they are the secret to your next big hit?

In this video we explore ten songs that use this powerful and successful chord progression, including hits from your favourite artists: Taylor Swift, Imagine Dragons, Destiny’s Child, and more! Let us know if you have heard other songs that use these same chords!

Arranged by Rafał Bienias
Edited by Andrew Wrangell & Samuel Dickenson

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List of songs using the chords:
1. Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do
2. Imagine Dragons – Believer
3. Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams
4. The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army
5. Netta – Toy
6. Destiny’s Child – Survivor
7. Camila Cabello – Havana
8. Clint Mansell – Requiem for a Dream (Lux Aeterna)
9. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads will roll (Dance till you’re dead)
10. Andrew Gold – Spooky Scary Skeletons

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