10 HARDCORE Final Boss Themes in 2 Minutes!

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These are ten of the most hardcore boss battles ever, played on piano! In this video you will feel that fear of facing final bosses that caused you so much pain trying to defeat them. There are some seriously scary and incredible final bosses represented in this video. We would like to know which one is your favourite, so please post a comment below to tell us!

Arranged by Andrew Wrangell
Edited by Samuel Dickenson

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List of final boss battles:
1. One-Winged Angel from Final Fantasy VII
2. MEGALOVANIA from Undertale
3. Gwyn, Lord of Cinder from Dark Souls
4. The Battle for Everyone’s Soul from Persona 3
5. Fleeing Kuro from Ori and the Blind Forest
6. Battle! Champion from Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow
7. Ganondorf Battle from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
8. Vs Gruntilda from Banjo Kazooie
9. In The Final from Bowser’s Inside Story
10. Final Destination from Super Smash Bros. Melee

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