bill wurtz – when i get older – piano tutorial

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Learn when i get older by bill wurtz on piano with this tutorial! Please enjoy!

Arranged by Andrew Wrangell
Edited by Samuel Dickenson

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bill wurtz’ new song just came out, so we had to cover it! The lyrics are uplifting and delivered in wurtz’ signature style. This piano arrangement will transport you to the strange and wonderful world of bill wurtz!

When I get older
I’m gonna be stronger
So I can lift up the whole entire world
I’m gonna hold it
And lift it higher
Higher than it’s been before

When I hear music
I get excited
I’m gonna sing songs to the whole entire world
And when the whole world sings to the music
That’s when I’ll know it worked

But my friends say I’m still a baby
Then they threw away my baby shoes
Well, excuse me, I’m going sailing
Into the ocean blue

When I get older
I’m gonna be wilder
And write poetry in my spare time
And I’ll use some very interesting metaphors
And then post my poems online

Here’s a poem about rain
And the water droplets that it creates
And I wonder if you feel it this way
And I wonder if it seems okay
Here’s a poem about fame
And the strange things famous people say
And the strange world that hears them say it
Almost every single day

When I get older
I’m gonna drive slowly
‘Til I get to all the places I’m going
And when I get there I’m gonna drive backwards
‘Til we get home again

And I’m faced with so many changes
That I just might change my face
But face paint seems a bit tenacious
So I just might paint my brain

When I get younger
I’m gonna be a liar
I’ll be lying about being so young
Then when I’m older
I’ll be more truthful
And then lie about singing this song

Then the song will sing me
And the song won’t sing it for free
And I don’t quite know what it means
And it feels like the song knows me
Then I’m hearing it in my dreams
And each dream seems pretty sweet
And the music cured my disease
Then the song’s complete

When I get older
I’m gonna be stronger
So I can lift up the whole entire world
I’m gonna hold it
And lift it higher
Then I’ll lift it more

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