We got music from the DARK WEB… (warning: SCARY)

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Many people don’t know what the dark web is, and want to know how to access it. The Dark Web is a name given to the inaccessible part of the internet, where you require a special browser to access (TOR, I2P, Whonix, Subgraph OS, TAILS etc.). Once you’re in, you’d better hope you have a VPN, as you may be coming across some rather sketchy stuff… The Dark Web (Dark Net) is specifically a part of the Deep Web, which is the generally inaccessible part of the internet (protected with passwords and the like). In the Dark Web, users sell illicit and dangerous materials, as it is impossible to effectively track them.

Recently, many YouTubers have been unboxing mystery boxes from the Dark Web and finding all sorts of weird (and dumb) things. Here at Sheet Music Boss, we took the dive so you don’t have to! This music is 100% from the Dark Web and is so TERRIFYING that you will likely lose your mind before you are able to get through it all. However, if you did manage to get through this scary and insane music, please make sure to leave a comment below.

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