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Learn MAAME, the national anthem of Finland, on piano with this tutorial! Please enjoy!

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MAAMME (“Our Land”), also Vårt land in Swedish, is the national anthem of Finland! Our audience at Sheet Music Boss wished to hear this as December 6 is the 100th anniversary of Finland’s independence from Russia!

Andrew Wrangell’s great grandfather was from Finland, making him one quarter Finnish or “vartti Suomalainen”! In fact, Andrew has been to Finland three times as he’s been part of a fan event for his favourite band, Nightwish (which he has made many, many piano covers of on his personal channel, Andrew Wrangell Music).

We hope that you enjoy this moderate difficulty arrangement of Maamme – and let’s celebrate 100 years of Finnish independence from Russia. OLE HYVÄ! (Here you go!)

▶ Sheet music:

Oi maamme, Suomi, synnyinmaa,
soi, sana kultainen!
Ei laaksoa, ei kukkulaa,
ei vettä, rantaa rakkaampaa
kuin kotimaa tää pohjoinen,
maa kallis isien.
(repeat last four lines)
Sun kukoistukses kuorestaan
kerrankin puhkeaa;
viel’ lempemme saa nousemaan
sun toivos, riemus loistossaan,
ja kerran laulus, synnyinmaa
korkeemman kaiun saa.

Vårt land, vårt land, vårt fosterland,
ljud högt, o dyra ord!
Ej lyfts en höjd mot himlens rand,
ej sänks en dal, ej sköljs en strand,
mer älskad än vår bygd i nord,
än våra fäders jord!
(repeat last four lines)
Din blomning, sluten än i knopp,
Skall mogna ur sitt tvång;
Se, ur vår kärlek skall gå opp
Ditt ljus, din glans, din fröjd, ditt hopp.
Och högre klinga skall en gång
Vår fosterländska sång.
(repeat last four lines)

Oh our land, Finland, land of our birth,
ring out, the golden word!
No valley, no hill,
no water, shore more dear
than this northern homeland,
precious land of our fathers.
(repeat last four lines)
Your splendour from its shell
one day will bloom;
From our love shall rise
your hope, glorious joy,
and once your song, native land,
higher still will echo.
(repeat last four lines)

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