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Attack on Titan is a popular manga series that was later produced into a successful anime. The series is based around an alternate world, where giant humanoid creatures (Titans) nearly wiped out humanity. What is left of humanity resides within three giant curtain walls, which become compromised as the series develops. The music for Attack on Titan is by Hiroyuki Sawano, who has worked on numerous anime productions throughout his career.

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扉を叩く音は絶えず 酷く無作法に
あの日どんな顔で瞳で 俺達を見つめていた
命さえ 魂さえ けっして惜しくなどはない!
全ての犠牲は今 この時のために!

I wanted to believe that there was no worse hell than this
But even so, when Humanity’s day of disaster comes, it is always without warning…
The sound that raps upon our door is unfailingly a harsh and rude one
Coming uninvited, the day of disaster is like a nightmare…

Those who betray the bygone past
Are enemies who should be exterminated!
With what kinds of expressions and eyes
Did they watch us that day?

What must we throw away to be able to win out over the devil?
Even our lives and our souls aren’t too great a price to pay!

Devote! Devote!
Devote your heart!
All the sacrifices
Have been for the sake of this moment right now

Devote! Devote!
Devote your heart!
With your own hands, tear your way through
To the future we should progress toward!

Lyrics and translation courtesy of @darkcyradis

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