RUSH 🅱 but it’s an IRISH JIG

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Learn the Irish version of Rush 🅱 by Andrew Wrangell on piano with this tutorial! Please enjoy!

Arranged by Andrew Wrangell
Edited by Samuel Dickenson

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We’ve made something that no one ever dreamed a YouTube channel could achieve…We’ve made B into a Russian piece, and then turned that Rush B into an Irish jig. Yes, it truly is one of the greatest works of art that all of the fans have been screaming at us for years to put out.

Now it’s done.

We decided to pay respects to the Irish with our own very special Irish Jig version of Rush 🅱! (Rush B) This is a very fun version to play, with various quirks that follow that rather idiomatic and characteristic style of Irish Jig! We are 100% sure that if you like Rush B, you’ll love this one, so make sure to check it out! It is prepared for upper intermediate and advanced level pianists, so if that sounds like you, this could be your next piece for a concert!

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